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If you have any questions that are not covered below Contact Us to set up a consultation.  Also, please note that this is just a sample of questions that The Crittenden Law Firm frequently answers and is not intended to be nor is it legal advice.


How Much will this Cost?

Specific billing practices and overall cost are discussed during the intial consultation. This is because The Crittenden Law Firm devises a tailor-made plan to each person depending on their specific legal needs. You can expect to pay money up-front, and be billed over a period of time for the remainder of the total cost.


Do I have to Take your Advice?

Technically, no. If you feel that another avenue would workbest for yu and/or your family, by all means, you know them best. If this happens, then you NEED to talk to your attorney because it can have drastic impacts on the legal proceeding as a whole, your legal rights and obligations, and overall cost. Remember that you hired an attorney for their knowledge, experience, and professional opinion.


What is the Extent of Attorney-Client Privilege?

The Attorney-Client privilege is a right given to clients to encourage them to be forthcoming to an attorney about their situations. Except for a couple of limitations, the subject matter that is discussed with an attorney at an initial consultation, scheduled meeting, email, phone conversation, or otherwise in the course of handling your case is kept private and confidential by the attorney.



How Do I Dress for Court?

You need to look nice for court - respectful and presentable. For the men,  at a minimum you should wear khaki pants or dress slacks, acollared shirt and nice shoes. For the ladies, at a minimum you should wear dress slacks or a knee-length skirt or dress, a blouse or sweater set, or jacket and nice shoes. Neither men nor wormen should wear the following to court: flip-flops, jeans, tennis shoes, t-shirts, hats, shorts, sweatchirts, clothing with holes in it, clothing with writing on it (offensive or otherwise) or visible undergarmets.

If I Have to Leave You a Voicemail, When Will You Call Me back?

The Crittenden Law Firm has a committment to personal attention. This includes returning phone calls within 24 business hours.

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