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There are so many ways that law firms are the same and you may have encountered them in the past: too many lawyers, high fees, no one returns your phone calls for weeks and when they do it costs a fortune, impersonal service....the list can go on. For some people, this is a desired situation. For those that want strong, compassionate, and experienced representation with personal attention and effective legal solutions to your real-life situation, there's The Crittenden Law Firm. We operate under the following tenets to ensure that each client is valued and receives quality representation. This is our promise to you.
You are the most important part of the practice.  The Crittenden Law Firm exists to provide quality legal services to our clients. This means that you will always be informed of your case and all questions will be answered to ensure that you understand each step. Your case affects your life and we believe and are committed to handling your life and your case with complete respect.
You will always be dealing with an attorney. It has been a deliberate and conscious decision
by The Crittenden Law Firm to remain a small law firm. This allows for you to have the personal attention directed at your case and you issue that it deserves.



We're not afraid to think creatively. Every person, every family, every case is different. Excellent representation is not a one size fits all solution. We pledge to find effective legal solutions that work for you, even if they're not conventional.
Flat fee billing that let's you know the bottom line from the start. We have listened to our clients and turned feedback into a pricing program that makes sense. Each client, during the initial consultation, will receive a tailor-made pricing structure that is specific to your situation and case. We are committed to competitive, fair pricing that makes effective representation a reality for you.




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